Tourist attractions

Located in southwestern Romania, Caras-Severin County has an area of ​​8,520 km2, which represents 3.6 percent of the total area of ​​the country. It is the third largest in Romania. It borders the counties of Timis, Hunedoara and Mehedinti, and in southwest with Serbia.

The area is extremely attractive when it comes to the tourist destinations you can frequent. Besides the fact that the city has the only open-air museum, the Resita Locomotive Museum in Caraş-Severin County has been and will remain a true source of inspiration for the hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting each year. This especially because it has a huge area and five national parks protected by law.

The Bigar Waterfall, designated by the world’s most beautiful specialists, is 58 kilometers away from Resita, and the road can be crossed in about an hour. The landscapes to the heart of the nature reserve are unique and extremely offerable, so you can “wander” in a beautiful way without regretting that you have made this decision.

Wildlife Keys can be discovered at just 91 kilometers and an hour and 30 minutes by car. The distance to the gorges is about 22 km, of which about 20 km from the Nera Keys, crosses a gorge, narrow, spectacular and absolutely wild, forming the longest gorges in Romania. Legends that animate places leave remarkably beautiful memories in the passers-by. Lake Ochiul Beiului, for example, located in the same area, tells the story of a young girl who has been waiting in vain for his boyfriend to come back from the front. He cried until a varnish of intense and pure blue was formed. The waterfalls fully span the keys, turning the landscape into a unique one in Romania.

The “Mihai Eminescu” Theater, first built in Romania, is located in Oraviţa, about 60 kilometers from Resita. The distance can be traveled in about an hour, and when you arrive at the destination you will find that the objective is a true piece of heritage, unique in Romania. In the same city, you can also find the first pharmacy built in the country.

The marshes of Rudaria, the unique mulinological complex in Europe, can be visited in one hour and 15 minutes, being located at a distance of 82 kilometers from Resita.

The Văliug-Semenic area, very close to Resita, welcomes you extremely friendly both with pleasant holiday options and with world-famous festivals, such as the Gârna Jazz Festival, which gathers thousands annually Of tourists from all corners of the world.

The entire area is “hidden” and protected by the Caras Gorges, which are located in the Anina Mountains, between the confluence of the Comarnic Stream with the Caras River and the Carasova commune. The Gorges of Caras are part of the natural reserve within Semenic National Park – Carasul Gorge, this park having a total surface of about 36,214 ha. It includes many natural reserves such as: Caraşul Gorges, Comarnic and Popovăţ Caves, Buhui Lakes, Marghitaş, Gozna, Three Waters, Nera Springs and Caraş, but the examples can continue. The distance between the keys is about 18-19 km. Numerous caves make the special area.